Your dealership website often creates the first impression of your relationship with customers, and you have to get it right.


The best dealer websites can be hard to define, but generally, you know them when you see them or use them. 


Good website design makes the user comfortable and sets up their dealership experience to be a good one.


AUTOWIDE PRO is our professional package that includes Google Active, Social Engage and adds a high end Automotive website.

This package is comprised of;

A comprehensive, well structured, easy to use website developed with cutting edge website developers to give maximum online presence and make the customer journey as easy and informative as possible.


Make a fantastic first impression

A clean, easy to use layout is absolutely essential.

A dealership website design should always prioritize a clean website layout and a distraction-free experience.


Eye-catching navigation tools and icons in familiar locations help guide the customer to their next vehicle shopping step.

Choice-paralysis happens when the website user is presented with so many different options it actually becomes harder to make a decision.


The very best car dealer websites always make it a priority to minimize frustration and help potential customers get where they want to go so quickly and easily they hardly have to think about it.

Why having a mobile-friendly website is more important than ever.

Having a mobile or responsive website simply means that your site is optimised for mobile use.


Whether someone is browsing on their iPhone, a tablet or their Samsung, your website will automatically scale to fit different sized screens.


This ensures that you provide a friendly user experience rather than a frustrating one.

Some statistics that will blow your mind.

If your customers are anything like the majority of the population, they’ll be utterly devoted to their mobile phone.


On average, us Brits can’t go longer than a measly 12 minutes without checking our mobile phones.  

We look at Facebook an average of seven times a day and check WhatsApp a whopping 74 times.


64% of us have admitted that our phones distract us at work, 55% can’t eat a meal without having a sneak peek and 65% of us use our phones at night in bed knowing full well it will affect the quality of our sleep.

Mobile phone use across the UK is extreme and it’s abundantly clear that if businesses want to gain access to their customers, and engage a lot more they need to cater for this.

Google has changed its ranking algorithms

Since its inception, Google and other search engines have indexed and ranked content based on desktop ranking signals.


An obvious choice given that searches were primarily carried out using desktop computers.

Fast forward to 2015 and everything changed. This was the year that mobile phones overtook laptops as the most popular device for getting online.


Naturally, Google had to do something about this so it started to change the way that it displayed mobile search results.


Prioritising mobile-friendly sites, it meant that all of a sudden, websites that were optimised for mobile started to rank better than those that weren’t.

Even five years later, Google continues to favour this trend.


In July 2018 it started to make the move towards swapping out its entire index to a mobile-first orientation.


What this means is that from here onwards, Google will judge your desktop and mobile sites’ worthiness based on your mobile implementation.


By now, most of us know that when Google recommends we do something, we really should do it.

We will develop a new website for you to cater for these ever changing

Google & Customer needs.

At AUTOWIDE we will create, develop and install our state of the art Mobile friendly website with the minimum of fuss, no down time and with regular contact during the build process so you can be sure that when you go live you will have a website that will make the customer experience easy and more enjoyable.

This website has been developed with the very latest in web design technology and uses a pre-defined optimised responsive framework, meaning you get a website that has a much faster response on all platforms.

Top 8 FAQ`s

1. What's the cost of AUTOWIDE PRO

The cost of AUTOWIDE PRO includes our other packages of Google Active & Social Engage but adds a highly optimised automotive website and this price upgrade is very competitively priced in comparison to the usual listing companies. 

2. Can I see the site before it goes live?

Yes, we will show you a preview before the website is live and only when you are happy, will the site be published.

3. What's the minimum contract term?

A rolling 12 month contract for this service

4. How often can I make changes?


As long as you are sensible with the amount of times you make changes then changes can be made as soon and as often as you wish.

5. How long does it take to get started? 

Typically we will have you up and running in around 6 weeks.

6. Who do you feed to?

We feed to all the usual listing companies such as ; AutoTrader, Ebay/Gumtree, Motors, Car Gurus, Car Finance 24/7, Facebook Market Place, AA Cars, RAC Cars, Pistonheads etc etc etc.

7. During the changeover will my site be down for a period of time?

No, we will impliment your new website to replace your old one and the switchover will be seemless.


8. Will my website be more visable with Google? 

Yes, the website has been designed to be more Google friendly and allows us to be more creative with our Google optimisation. Also because it is a more mobile friendly site, Google will see it as more relevant to todays needs and therefore will help people discover you.

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