Google Showroom is a package to get a dealers used cars found on Google Local, Google Business and Google Maps and now Google IVO.

It is comprised of two elements;


The creation of a showroom on your google Business page where customers can view and interact with your latest offers.



The creation of locational code and manually indexing each vehicle into Google allowing them to be found in their own right.




When was the last time you looked at the information on your Google My Business page?

More importantly what are you doing about it?

There are large numbers of people who, every month come to your Google Business page who have never heard of your company.

This is called a Discovery search. 

Below is an example taken from one of our dealers in March 2020.




The Blue section is the Discovery search results.

Our research shows that  74% of customers are Discovery and this is people who had never heard of the dealer.

This is the big issue;



This is where we come in...

We promote your latest new or used vehicle offers with a graphic display showroom across Googles platforms linked directly to specific offer pages on your website.


With up to 10 Offers on your Google Showroom whether Independent or Franchised you can reach your target customer with our Google Showroom.

These offers are designed using your corperate colours and logo, promoting your brand on Google like never before.

Make it easy for buyers to find your offers with our



Your Showroom offers appear in,

Google search, Google maps &

Google My Business.

We put


Exactly where potential customers are looking for your products and services.


Our research shows 74% of browsers find a car dealership website from discovery searches rather than direct searches.


This means the majority use search terms of products you offer rather than dealership names.

That's where


comes into it's own, maximising your exposure across Google's platforms.


We Link the Showroom directly to the offers on your website.

Fully Managed, your  Showroom offers are ALWAYS up-to-date. 

From design to publishing AUTOWIDE fully manage up to 10 offers in your


Linked directly to the offers on your website.


We even have a clever piece of kit which alerts us when your offers change on your website.

This allows us to automatically post updates to your GOOGLE SHOWROOM

View reports instantly, updated daily

Access to your

GOOGLE SHOWROOM statistics can be viewed through an App which shows insights and reports on how your posted


are performing including number of engagements for:


•Google Showroom Offer Views

•Visitors to website


•Direction Requests

We keep a monthly record of these insights so we can see that the things we are doing are having the desired affect on your Google presence.

Browsers can share your offers

via social media platforms. 

Not only are your GOOGLE SHOWROOM offers linked directly to your website, end users can now quickly and easily share your offers via their social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter, or they can send a simple email link.


This makes it even easier for end users to help spread your message and increase exposure to your offers.

hammond ford.PNG



Its a familiar sight to most, since 97% of people use this to search & research their next purchase


No matter how big or small.


Until recently, you could attract new business by placing an ad on Autotrader and waiting for prospects to show up on your forecourt.

Today, though, 97% of people search for local businesses online, and Google is the king of the hill.


The traditional used car listing companies are on the decline as Google does not like simple listings of cars as it sees itself as the listing company.


Customers are driven away from them also, as the sponsored/relevant ads system creates confusion, driving more and more customers away and yet the costs of advertising on these sites are on the increase.

Dealers are spending upwards of £3000 per month on advertising and this is simply not sustainable.

If you rank high in Google, people are more likely to click onto your site, taking them away from a listing with all your competitors on it, thus allowing your website to attract them with offers and reasons to call you and make an appointment to come and see a car you have, rather than visiting your competitors.

You are effectively taking the customer out of the market before they even get there!



An example below of a dealer we have done work for having two different Peugeot 108`s appear as the top 2 answers within Google. Before we started with them, they did not appear in Google at all.

This top 2 result is out out of 25,400 possible results. It is not by coincidence!


Take a look at this image below


We get your vehicles found

in their own right within Google

without relying on a listing!

AUTOWIDE will manually index your cars into Google and make them appear far higher in the rankings than they would otherwise appear.

This comes with our Google Showroom Package.


We have developed a system that gives Google everything it needs to make sure YOUR car is better optimised than your rivals and therefore appearing much higher in the rankings even if they have spent £1000`s on Google Ads and worked with other so called SEO companies.

Each & EVERY car you have in stock will be individually optimised so it appears in the highest possible position when a customer searches for a similar car in your area.

This ensures maximum exposure when a customer sees this car appear before your rivals.

When the customer clicks on the link that has come up higher on the Google search page, they will be taken to your website and the page for that individual car.


This drives more traffic to your website and ensures you have more customers to convert into sales.

We also, on a monthly basis, clear out your website crawl errors and re-index your cleansed website to Google.

All of these things we do, in the order that we do them will improve your search results.

Then it is over to you.


We don`t sell cars


AUTOWIDE help dealers get more traffic!








Top 8 FAQ`s

1. What's the cost of Google Showroom & Vehicle Optimisation

Starting from £145 per month (Depending on how many cars you have) with up to 10

published offers in the GOOGLE SHOWROOM 

2. Are changes to offers & car price changes limited?

No we fully manage your offers and make unlimited changes as required.

3. What's the minimum contract term?

No lengthy contracts, just 90 days notice anytime.

4. Can I promote Service offers?

Yes, whether you want to promote new vehicles, used vehicles, service offers or special events we can create and publish your offers, linked to the relevant pages on your website.

5. How long does it take to get started? 

Typically we can have you set up in 7 - 10 working days for the Google Showroom, the individual vehicle optimisation may take a little bit longer than that usually 2-3 weeks after.

6. What is individual vehicle optimisation?

This is where we create locational code and manually index each vehicle so it is found in its own right in Google search results.

7. Doesn`t my Web provider optimise my Website?

Websites are typically designed and built then uploaded to the internet with a basic form of SEO.

We fix Google Crawl errors and index your pages as well as monitoring how well your website is performing. 

There is a lot to do to get a website to perform well in Google.


8. Do you offer a Partnership Programme?

We welcome enquiries from organisations wanting to offer Google Showroom to their clients.

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