Social Engage, is an upgrade to our Google Active package and comes with social media management added, that will help you engage and keep the interest of your social media followers and customers.

It is comprised of two elements ;


This is the creation of a social media account using your branding. It also consists of the content creation to keep the followers interested and promoting of vehicle stock on social media.


This is the supply of a carefully written easy to learn script & training of your staff to show them how to create a video appraisal for individual vehicles and present them in a way that will help you sell more vehicles online. 



ENGAGE with your customers

In ways you have never done before.

Over 70% of the public now use social media.

Every day, the average UK based user spends 1 hour 50 minutes scrolling through social media sites. This may not seem that much if you work in social media,but consider this figure spans across all ages and locations across the country.

Businesses cannot afford to not interact with customers via platforms like Facebook, YouTube etc.

But whilst you should be marketing your business via social media this doesn’t have to mean using every channel. Its more important for you to invest in the platforms where you are more likely to reach and engage with your audience, especially if it is a channel that you personally use and are comfortable with.

For car dealers we recommend that you should maintain a presence on Facebook, You tube and Instagram.

We make your business social media as interesting as your own personal channels, as this is all about engagement of potential customers.

Social media`s objective is focused on not selling products or services.


Consumers don’t want to be ‘sold to’, The objective is to showcase your company, people, products and services, your credibility and likeability.



39 Million people use Facebook on a mobile phone in the UK

A Huge Audience.

Amazingly, 96% of UK social media users visited a social network or messaging service in the past month.


Of these 77% actively engaged or contributed to social media in this time.

75% of car buyers and 68% of service customers say internet research, including social media and review sites, were the most helpful when selecting who they purchase their next vehicle from.

When it comes to vehicle sales, social media sites are clearly a major influencer in a buyer’s decision making process.


What is becoming more apparent is that most marketing managers or small dealers doing their own marketing understand that social sites should be integrated in some way into their marketing strategy.


Social media is very time consuming to do correctly and time is a commodity that dealers have very little of but with more and more consumers turning to social, the automotive industry needs to get fully engaged with social selling.

These are all facts that as a Dealership retailing used vehicles you simply can not ignore.



We will build your page,create your content and advertise your cars.

You can get on with the business of selling cars.

AUTOWIDE will fully manage your Facebook page with at least 4-5 different pieces of content EVERY SINGLE DAY 7 days a week with our 


We will also, advertise 2 vehicles every day at different time slots linked to the offers on your website.


We even create & post your messages to the community on special occasions such as Christmas, Easter etc.

We talk to you about our ideas on a weekly basis so you are always in control and we can get the most from your social media presence.

If you do not already have Facebook page or it is not complete, we can create a Facebook page for you from scratch or optimize an existing one

View insights 24/7

See how people are reacting. 

Access to your Facebook insights results can be viewed 24/7 and reports on how your posted

content & offers are performing.

These results show you details such as;

•Page views

•Page likes

•Post Reach

•Post engagement

This ensures that we are developing the right content and engaging your audience in the correct way.



Why dealers need to embrace video

To help sell vehicles.

YOUTUBE has some startling facts about car buyers and their consumption of video in the decision-making process.

More than 76% of all buyers take the time to watch a video of their potential new car online before they go out and buy it and some 96 per cent of them have a positive perception of them.

Scott Sinclair, automotive specialist for Google, said.. ‘Video content should be used to inform and educate the customer as much as possible. The use of video going forward will only increase in importance as customers use the internet during the research phase of buying a car more.’


Marketing via YouTube videos

will make you more visible on Google.

A video appraisal of your stock will show customers that you are honest, have nice stock and will show off the car in a way that no photo will ever be able to compete with.

This is your opportunity to sell your vehicle.

As the owner of a car dealership or a showroom, you must have the desire to see yourself ranked high on the result pages of the world’s biggest search engine Google.


YouTube videos will definitely help you achieve this goal.


The Google Universal Search allows images, news, local searches, books, and of course videos to be blended together on Google’s search results. 


Right now, Google considers videos as essential as the text-only web pages.


We will help you make interesting videos showcasing the cars you offer.

If you succeed in making interesting videos showcasing the cars you offer, conversions will take place more frequently and easily.


People would purchase cars from sellers or dealers they trust and to build trust, you will have to relate to your target audience on an emotional level.


Once you succeed in this, you can get people to view your videos promoting your offerings via comments and likes.


AUTOWIDE have developed a training package that will get the best out of your YouTube vehicle videos.

We will spend time with your staff, supply them with a script and ensure that they will be able to perform the video with as much information and flair that the customer is looking for in these mostly digital times.


We will supply ongoing support to your staff to help them get the most out of AUTOWIDE Video Showroom.

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